in a change of era

The members of Faith and Praxis are convinced that we are not living an era of change, but a change of era. We are aware that we are witnessing the end of an era, and we want to actively collaborate in the birth of a new civilisation, characterised by the culture of encounter and dialogue. 

With Margaret Wheatley, we believe that there is no more important task than "consciously choosing who we want to be as leaders for this time. We must understand the time in which we live, focus our energies on what is possible, and step forward willingly to serve the human spirit."


Main areas of our service

We are at the service of leaders committed to transforming the world, contributing our skills and expertise

Team accompaniment

Team-building, conflict management; our team strives to meet the needs of each group.

Process facilitation

In-person and on-line assemblies, Chapters, review processes, planning, restructuring...

Development of international teams

Especially through our annual "International Leadership Development Programme" (ILDP)

Ad hoc training for congregations

Training for leadership in communities and in the apostolic mission of different organisations 

Training of facilitators

Every two to three years we organise a programme to train people for facilitation in their own or other institutions.

Preparation for conflict management

From the conviction that the conflict can be an ally for personal and collective improvement


Sikkhona® is a model that explains the different stages that teams go through, diagnoses what stage a certain team is in, and proposes the dynamics and actions to be carried out to gain cohesion and trust, based on that diagnosis. We are certified for its application.


Bridge® is a simple and intuitive Relational Styles model that helps people to know themselves, to know others, and to be able to relate better. We are certified for its application.

Our journey

Faith and Praxis was founded by Sr Christine Anderson, fcJ and the Society of Faithful Companions of Jesus in 2011, building on the work Sr Christine had developed over many years, particularly since the International Congress on Consecrated Life Passion for Christ, Passion for Humanity, held in Rome in November 2004. 

Sr Christine and her team brought her vision to life both through formation programmes and through advice to congregations and other organisations. They worked with both leaders and members to enable their organisations to fully engage all their potential for apostolic ministry in the 21st century.

In January 2019 the Faith and Praxis project came under the responsibility of the Marist Brothers, who appointed Br Emili Turú as Director.



During 2022 we collaborated with 61 religious congregations, facilitating various processes and providing leadership training.



We are happy to feel the trust of many institutions over 12 years, which has made us grow in experience and adapt to new emerging needs.



An international and intercultural team, with women and men religious from 9 different congregations and with some lay people  

Latest News


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