Our Team

Emili Turú Rofes

Director of Faith and Praxis for Global Leadership. For 16 years (2001-2017) he was in the General Government of his Institute, the Marist Brothers: 8 as a member of the General Council and 8 as Superior General.

He is a teacher and holds a degree in Theology. He participated in the first International Leadership Programme in Rome, organised by Faith and Praxis together with the Grubb Institute and the Craighead Institute. He also participated in other trainings organised by The Grubb Institute (London). Certified by the Communication Institute (Barcelona) to use "Sikkhona" for group development and "Bridge" to improve communication in teams. NLP Business Practitioner.

Since March 2019 he is the Secretary of the USG (Union of Superior Generals), based in Rome. 

Languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian

Maria Pilar Benavente Serrano

Full time Trainer/ Consultant in Faith and Praxis for Global Leadership. Former General Superior of Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa and President of SEDOS International.

Worked in the health sector in Burkina Faso and Mauritania and in inter religious activities and animation of University students in Algeria. Studied Music at the Conservatory of Zaragoza and Nursing in Barcelona. Arabic Islamic studies at the Pontifical Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies (Rome and Tunis.) She has a Diploma in Organizational Analysis from The Grubb Institute, London

She is responsible for the co-ordination and management of the programs in Africa.

Languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, classical Arabic

Christine Anderson

Christine Anderson FCJ is currently an Organisational Consultant and Facilitator of small and large systems.

She founded Faith and Praxis and was its first director. During this time she and other team members built a professional base for the leadership training both in Europe and in Africa.

She currently lives in Scotland and is committed to land rights and Faith and Justice.

Languages: English, French, Italian

Marian Murcia Pinero

Marian is a member of the Institute of the Holy Family of Bordeaux. From May 2008 to mid-2016, she was international bursar and part of the General Council of the Institute. She was a member of the European Council of Religious Leaders (ECRL) and Religious for Peace from 2010 to 2014.

While in Rome, she was bursar and member of the Executive Committee of SEDOS from 2012-2106. Marian was also a member of the Independent Committee of Stoxx Europe Christian Index from 2015 to 2019. She is currently working on economic management consulting, real estate and discernment with different congregations.

Languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian

Jules Adanchédé Hounkponou

Lay person engaged in Catholic Action, married and father of four children, resident in Benin. He joined Young Christian Workers movement in 1990 in which he experienced the praxis of catholic faith in living reality through YCW spirituality and method. Former member of the International team of ICYCW in Rome from 2008 to 2012, he experienced working in multicultural team in international dimension and context in Africa, Europe and Asia. His experience includes work as formator on leadership, YCW spirituality, the pedagogy and praxis of YCW method.

His experience of being staff member of the Leadership Program in Rwanda, completing the Training the Trainers program in Burkina Faso and being team member on the Ghana and Benin programs developed his capacities to become program leader in some countries in Africa

Languages: Fon (mother tangue), French and English.

Immaculate Nakato

Immaculate Nakato is a Ugandan Religious Sister, based in Uganda, a member of the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix. She is a trained facilitator for Faith and Praxis. 

 She was a consultant to the work of Faith and Praxis and Craighead Institute in Africa. Her degree is in education and Religious studies Urbanian university, Rome, Italy. She has a Diploma in organizational consultancy and facilitation, from the Craighead Institute, Rome, Italy, a Diploma in training for trainers, Grubb Institute, London and a diploma in Religious studies, Hekima, Nairobi, Kenya. She has held formation and leadership positions in her own institute at both International and local level. She does spiritual direction and has specialized in guiding Ignatian retreats. She also facilitates meetings and Chapters.

Frances Heery

Frances has worked with Faith and Praxis as an Associate for the past 6 years delivering leadership programmes for religious leaders in Rome and internationally. She also supports leadership teams to discover dynamics that foster collaborative working together, as well as those factors that hinder working well as a team. She facilitates various community and team gatherings as well as Chapters and Assemblies. She has worked as a teacher, psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor in educational, and health sectors. 


M.SC in Organisational Analysis (Systemic Perspectives, Grubb Institute, London)

M.A in Counselling Psychology (Psychoanalytic and Systemic Perspectives, University of Surrey)

Accredited EMCC Coach, (Tavistock Consulting)

Advanced Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling (WPF, Roehampton Institute)

B.A. H. Dip. in Ed (University College Dublin)

Dominic Apee Ayine

He comes from Bolgatanga, Ghana and is a member of the Society of Missionaries of Africa.

He was ordained priest in 1991 and sent as Missionary to D R Congo, then called Zaire. He worked for 4 years in the Parish and then was sent as a Formator to the seminary in Bukavu, Eastern Congo. He studied Church History at the Gregorian University in Rome and followed a course on Conflict Resolution.

In 2003 he was appointed Assistant Provincial of his Congregation in Central African Province (Congo, Rwanda and Burundi) and later was appointed to work in the novitiate in Zambia. In 2011 he was appointed Provincial of Ghana-Nigeria Province.

In 2012-13 he participated in the leadership training of Faith and Praxis in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso followed by the Training the Trainers program. Since then he has given short trainings in Burkina and in Ghana. As president of the Major Superiors of Religious in Ghana, he helped to organize the Leadership training for Major Superiors and General Councils in Ghana.

He is now Parish Priest and he recently facilitated trainings in Benin and Zimbabwe. 

Mercedes del Carmen Donato

Mercedes is part of the Institute of The Capuchin Sisters of Mother Rubatto. She is Argentinean and currently lives in Buenos Aires. From May 2008 to September 2021 she was a member of the General Council of her Congregation. She was a missionary in Peru for 11 years, where she did the Formators Programme of the Peruvian Conference of Religious (CRP) and the Baccalaureate in Theology in the Theological and Civil Faculty of Lima.

She was the Director of the Franciscan Centre of Peru and taught Theology of Consecrated Life and Community Life in the CRP, along with other subjects related to Consecrated Life, collaborating with various congregations in Permanent Formation and preaching Spiritual Exercises.

She participated in the Facilitation Programme organised by Faith and Praxis. She has attended the first level 'Master Face' of the Tuscany School of Facilitators, and is Couch and Facilitator of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) by the IdeIA Institute. Certified by the Institute of Communication (Barcelona) for the use of 'Sikkhona' for group development and 'Bridge' to improve communication in teams.

Languages: Spanish, Italian, English

Yago Abeledo Madueño

Yago belongs to the Society of the Missionaries of Africa. He has three Master's degrees: in Conflict Transformation (Centre of Justice and Peace-building, Virginia, USA), Transpersonal Therapy (Escuela de Atención, Madrid, Spain), and Process Oriented Facilitation and Conflict Studies (Process Work Institute, Oregon, USA). He is currently journeying to become a Processwork Diplomate under the International Association of Process Oriented Psychology (IAPOP).

Yago facilitates transformation in individuals, communities, and organizations. His approach is process oriented. He explores the intrinsic connection between the internal world of the individual, organizational life and collective societal issues. He aims at increasing awareness of unconscious personal and group dynamics which often leads to conflict in communities. He sees conflict as an ally leading to potential growth.

Yago's trainings can address: Linking inner work to social change and group dynamics; Dream work; Deep democracy. His workshop themes include Conflict transformation; Process-oriented leadership; Strategies for trauma awareness; Cultivating resilience.

Languages: Spanish, English, French, Kiswahili

Wenceslaus Kwindingwi

He comes from Zimbabwe and is a member of the Congregation of the Missionaries of Mariannhill where he also serves as a General Councilor. He was a formator and lecturer of Philosophy and Ethics in South Africa besides other pastoral responsibilities. He participated in the Facilitating and Consultancy programme run by Faith and Praxis.

He co-facilitated a Training of Trainers programme in Arusha, Tanzania and is the leader of a leadership programme in Zimbabwe.

Languages: English, Shona, Ndebele, IsiZulu, Sotho.

Ella Laourou

Member of the Institute of Oblate Catechist Sisters  Servants of the Poor. Having been with the General Council since 2010, she lived in Benin and had the opportunity to participate in the Faith And Praxis Leadership Development Programme in 2016. Subsequently, she was identified to participate in the Training of Trainers, held in Ghana in 2017. From then on, with her Associate status, she became very active in the West Africa Associates team. She facilitated the second edition of the leadership programme in Benin in 2019-2020 and several other sessions. In 2021, she attended the online leadership programme with the Major Superiors in Rome. 

Begoña Martínez Peñalba

Member of the Movement of communities Adsis (Private Association of the Faithful), and currently a member of its General Council since 2019 and of the permanent team of the Adsis Youth Ministry Department. Facilitating processes in Faith & Praxis since the beginning of 2021.

With a degree in Chemistry, she has worked for more than 30 years in formal and non-formal educational environments, in educational management and direction, in Secondary Education and University, as well as in accompanying processes of groups and teams, both pastoral and NGO's.

In the social field, she has been director of the Adsis Foundation in Manabí (Ecuador) and part of the technical team of the Ecuadorian consortium of NGOs: CONFIE and director for 8 years of the Development Cooperation Programme of the Adsis Foundation.