Zimbabwe Leadership Training Programme


Third Module : 20-24 February 2023

The third module of the Zimbabwe Leadership Training Programme was held from 20-24 February in Harare. There were 39 participants from 11 congregations.

In the plenary and learning groups, participants reflected on their individual experiences as a priceless resource in their leadership role. The importance of compassionate communication (nonviolent communication) was highlighted as a key element in leadership. As teams they also explored their individual understanding of their Congregations and how these shape their ministry. The module also dealt with topics such as Vulnerability, Trust and Confidentiality in teams in the context of Zimbabwe and how to better serve as leaders.

Some comments from the participants:

The program has empowered my leadership skills and compassionate communication.
I have been empowered with relevant skills for leadership.
I got the chance to ponder on what kind of a leader I am and how to improve using the input received.
I feel empowered and encouraged to practice some of the skills and knowledge received.