International Leadership Development Programme 2022 comes to an end


On 7 and 9-11 May 2022, the last module of the International Leadership Development Programme, specially designed for General Councils, took place at the Marist Brothers' General House. Simultaneous translation into English, Spanish and Italian was provided throughout the programme.

The first two modules were online, which facilitated the participation of some General Councils who are not based in Rome. The first module took place on 10-12 and 14-16 February. The second module took place from 7 to 9 and 11 to 13 April.

Thirty-three participants from 18 different nationalities and 11 congregations attended.

Here are some of the participants' views:

The programme is very complete, it helps to give a concrete name to what we live, to the challenges, to the reality, and it encourages us to accept our personal vulnerability and that of the system in order to continue our journey with great hope.

The programme is very good for growing in ecclesial and synodal vision and in new approaches to exercising leadership in the service entrusted to the Leadership Teams. It is time well spent, even if it requires effort. It is good, because sharing with other Teams strengthens ecclesiality, multiplies forces and creates networks of inter-congregational work.

This is a very complete programme and helps the councils with concrete cases, being able to speak clearly about our reality. We can explore events and share as a Leadership Team. The contents and dynamics are very good. The trainers are very competent, with a lot of experience in governance.

This programme gives us how to work as a team and gives us a sense of direction in this leadership ministry. It is a holistic approach. I recommend this programme to other people who are and who will be leaders in future

As a leadership team we took the right decision to participate together in the program. Each one of us learnt a lot about herself and the way she is living her role, but we also learned a lot about how we function at a team, and what we can improve, for a better service of our Congregation.

The programme is an effective way for team building and educating the team in the modern ways of thinking. It revitalises our calling in a new way, it helps teams face their differences, mental models, culture, communication styles in a life giving way. It provides skills which are necessary for Leadership today. Thank you all very much and May the Spirit continue to inspire .