About us

About us

An association of skilled discerners and focused leaders and administrators with international experience who seek to share these skills by providing development and training with and for local people. They work in an inter-connected way through the integration of faith and experience with a view to contributing to a more just world.


Introducing Faith and Praxis Associates

International Faith and Praxis Associates International is a response to the need to develop a pool of skilled discerning educators and animators to support each other in faith in developing reflection and action based leadership training in different continents of the world. Many of them have completed the International Leadership Development Program in Rome and Uganda and are active in providing educational and development events for others.

The opportunity and the call comes to Faith and Praxis FCJ by the demand of many apostolic teams who constantly and persistently seek to work creatively in complex multicultural settings especially in the very contexts in which the most poor and vulnerable of our societies are placed. Associate members of Faith and Praxis FCJ have lived and worked or have travelled to many countries of the world. Unless one lives there permanently we are just touching the tip of an iceberg: what can one do, in such a short time, to be effective with people whose main preoccupation is how to cope with the day to day reality of injustice, oppression and poverty? Even if programs provided are excellent it is not enough but the real need is for local people to be able to do this for themselves. In other words the formation of the multipliers is urgent.

Faith and Praxis Associates International is also born from the outrage and exclamations we live within ourselves at the paltry resources being offered by the developed world to a world seeking development.So little change is being effected often because people are not given either the opportunities or the skills to take ownership of their own formation needs and develop their own resources without constantly looking to the Northern World... How can we contribute in a small but sustained way to alleviating this and deal with some of the structural injustices at the root of it?Faith and Praxis Associates International believe that in-depth education and formation of local people by local people makes a significant difference to the way people manage themselves in role in their organisations. The Associates support each other by sharing their programs, documents and efforts as also through creating for each other a learning community in which to explore new ways of working with local people


Mutual dialogue within a reflective association

It is bad practice for skilled discerners to operate alone. We need a virtual learning community and this is one priority for members. This would be the place where mutual dialogue enables us to do this without adding a burden of more work and financial outlay. We just share what we want to share particularly as regards resources for mission.Following several years of exploring these ideas, a formal association of members who are willing and experienced in doing this work is developing. Each member is committed to the same values and has a long commitment to the service of other people on a similar journey.


Born from Experience - An evolving sense of global leadership

Experience is our story, and for believers it is the sacred history and mystery of our lives. Faith and Praxis Associates International is born from the history and mystery of our life experience, a life spent in teams of lay people and religious, a life coloured by faith- filled commitment to God and to our Congregations and Organisations. We desire to contribute to the evolving world particularly in those parts of the world where poverty is paramount and people are prey to the richer nations who make all the decisions and possess most of the resources. By ‘desire’ is meant the deep inner movement of the heart and will, to find meaning, work with the tension of integration and seek to engage at ‘the still point of the turning world’ (T.S.Eliot) 

This virtual organisation is coming to birth through dialogue and discernment, the awareness of God at work in a surprising way in our own lives and the lives of the many people we meet as we work in this field.