Webinar “General Chapters in times of uncertainty”

Webinar “General Chapters in times of uncertainty”

On November 4 we concluded our Webinar on “General Chapters in times of uncertainty”. The topic raised great interest and 135 members from 45 congregations participated in the event. Simultaneous translation was provided in Spanish, English and Italian.

The webinar consisted in 3 online meetings which took place on September 23, 24 and November 4. The Associates of Faith and Praxis: Frances Heery, Piluca Benavente MSOLA, Marian Murcia HFB, Joe McKee FMS and Emili Turú Rofes FMS addressed many key issues regarding General Chapters in our current times. On the first day they talked about “the new imagination of the possible” applied to General Chapters. On the second day they focused on personal and interpersonal dynamics present in General Chapters and the impact of this time of COVID-19 on those dynamics. On the third day they discussed the evolution of General Chapters and the regulations of Canon Law which leave space for much creativity and innovation. They also held a discussion panel and commented on: diversity/interculturality, General Chapter as an isolated event or an ongoing process, synodality, discerning process and what prevents us from entering into it.

On each day, time was allocated for sharing in small language groups which proved very fruitful and enriching.

It was a positive experience, much appreciated by the participants. Here is what they say:

“Pertinent to our times, well-presented, engaging, good small group work, well-timed.”

“The webinar gave me new perspectives to consider in terms of organizing and purpose of General Chapters for the sake of the mission in the world, in the Church.”

“I felt a strong need to think differently about the way we hold chapters. This is the appropriate moment.”

“It raised many questions and broadened/enriched the vision of what a chapter means in these times and the possibilities that can be unfolded for the participation/co-responsibility/ involvement and commitment of the congregational family.”

“What I found interesting was the new perspective on holding Chapters, how to make it in a more contemplative stance, how to move away from the traditional model and how to make it more participative and synodal.”

“I appreciated the richness of the inputs on all three dates and the panel session during the last day. I found inspiring the invitation to think differently in relation to Chapters and specifically to see the concrete event located in a specific time and a specific place as only a part of a much wider process based on the practice of a discerning way of life.”

“Thank you very much for the initiative and for all the effort put into making it a reality. I believe that the demand for participation shows that it is something desired and necessary for the congregations today. Good continuation.”

Webinar “General Chapters in times of uncertainty”