The Training of Trainers 2020, Tanzania

The Training of Trainers 2020, Tanzania

After a leadership empowerment programme in Morogoro in 2018 and in Arusha in 2019, 6 of the 56 participants registered for the TTT program 2020. The first module took place from the 16th till the 20th of February 2020.

The six participants are from different congregations and from different parts of Tanzania; five Tanzanians and one Indian but working in Tanzania. They are women with experience both in their congregations and in the society, as they do other apostolic works apart from being leaders in their institutes. They speak English and Kiswahili very well and so they will be agents of transformation in Kiswahili since in Tanzania it is the national and predominant language.

The aim of the Program is to empower African religious women to be able to take initiative and responsibility to design and implement leadership programs for training of leaders in their various context; increase their capacity to train; and to be resource persons.

The first module was co-facilitated by Wenceslaus Kwindingwi CMM and Immaculate Nakato SMR. In their evaluations, the participants expressed gratitude for the enrichment by the module, the depth of the content and the interactive delivery that paid special attention to their contexts and situations.

The second module planned for 24-28 May 2020 will have as its objective: “To deepen participants’ capacity to work as faith-filled and confident resource persons with groups and organizations in their contexts”.

Due to the wide spread of the coronavirus we are not sure the second module will take place as scheduled. More and more countries impose travel restrictions and close borders. As time draws close, we will see what is possible.

The Training of Trainers 2020, Tanzania