Program in Facilitation and Working with Groups and Organizations 2019 - 2020

Program in Facilitation and Working with Groups and Organizations 2019 - 2020

The aim of the program is to equip facilitators and consultants to work effectively at the interface of organizations and faith in the context of the global society.

The methodology of the program draws on the conscious and unconscious processes operating in persons and groups amidst the increasing uncertainty being experienced by organizations in society today.

The program is organized to be delivered in six blocks of two days at the dates indicated below:

Module 1 : Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th October 2019

Module 2: Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th November 2019

Module 3: Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th December 2019

Module 4: Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd February 2020

Module 5: Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st March 2020

Module 6: Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th May 2020

 The Program is for:

  • Those already facilitating groups who wish to increase their skills whether in facilitating as general council members, or members of NGOS, or other international organizations
  • Those beginning to facilitate groups and organizations and who want to develop skills to do this effectively
  • Those being called on to assist organizations/congregations in their development yet have no formal training

The Program would include:

  • Clarity of vision and helping organisations work to purpose
  • Faith, values and beliefs and the search for meaning in organisations
  • Conscious and unconscious processes in organisations
  • Globalization, complexity and organizational dynamics in intercultural groups
  • Discernment and organizational transformation
  • Facilitating and consulting on line
  • The reality of success and failure as a facilitator/consultant as we begin or end a contract
  • Professional and business aspects including ethics
  • Designing processes for events with the client group.



for further information and application please contact Monika Kopacz, the programme administrator at