Dominic Apee Ayine M. Afr.

He comes from Bolgatanga Ghana and is a member of the Society of Missionaries of Africa.

He was ordained priest in 1991 and sent as Missionary to D R Congo, then called Zaire. He worked for 4 years in the Parish and then was sent as a Formator to our seminary in Bukavu. 1995-98. He studied Church History at the Gregorian University in Rome. While in Rome, he also followed a course in Germany on Conflict Resolution. After completion he was sent back to the same Formation house in Bukavu Eastern Congo. While there I also taught Church History in other diocesan seminaries.

In 2003 he was appointed Assistant Provincial of his Congregation in Central African Province (Congo, Rwanda and Burundi) and later was appointed to work in the novitiate in Zambia for one year. In 2011 he was appointed Provincial of Ghana-Nigeria Province.

In 2012-13 I participated in the leadership training of Faith and Praxis in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso followed by the Training the Trainers program.

Since then he has given short trainings in Burkina and in Ghana. As the president of the Major Superiors of Religious in Ghana, he helped to organize the Leadership training for the Major Superiors and the Councils in Ghana 2015.